Sales Tax Policy

At Steyr-truck, we strive to provide transparent and compliant sales tax practices to our customers. This Sales Tax Policy outlines our approach to sales tax collection and remittance, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Sales Tax Collection:

As a company, Steyr-truck is required to collect sales tax on eligible purchases in accordance with state and local tax laws. The specific sales tax rate applied to your order will depend on the shipping address or the destination where the product is delivered. The sales tax amount will be calculated during the checkout process and clearly displayed in your order summary before you confirm your purchase.

Nexus and Tax Jurisdictions:

Steyr-truck operates within the legal framework established by the tax laws of the jurisdictions where we have a sufficient presence, known as a “nexus.” This presence may be determined by various factors, including but not limited to the location of our physical facilities, employees, or economic activity thresholds set by the respective taxing authorities.


Certain products or customers may be eligible for sales tax exemptions based on applicable state or local laws. If you believe you qualify for a sales tax exemption, please contact us before placing your order to provide the necessary documentation for verification. If your exemption is valid, we will process your order without collecting sales tax on the eligible items.

Sales Tax Remittance:

As required by law, Steyr-truck will collect sales tax from customers and remit the appropriate amounts to the respective tax authorities. The frequency of sales tax remittance may vary depending on state and local regulations.

International Sales:

For international orders, Steyr-truck complies with the relevant tax laws and regulations of the country to which the products are shipped. International customers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, or import fees imposed by their country’s customs department.

Changes to Sales Tax Policy:

Steyr-truck reserves the right to update or modify this Sales Tax Policy as necessary to comply with changes in tax laws, regulations, or other business-related reasons. Any changes to the policy will be effective immediately and posted on our website.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Sales Tax Policy or sales tax collection practices, please feel free to contact us at:

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